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Aca-Perco is an adventurous pairing of a cappella vocals and spirited percussion.

Drums and voice create musical mandalas.

Aca-Perco is what happens when two percussionists take half of their lives to find each other. Jennie Avila, singer songwriter, and Stephen Wright, drum maker, found that they have a love of art and rhythm in common. Stephen’s voice is in his hands. His drums sing along in harmony with Jennie’s melodies. Jennie’s heart is in her voice. When passionate melodies draw story lines that intersect lyrical drum patterns, musical mandalas are created. And Like a mandala, Aca-pero’s music celebrates the multi-faceted gem that is our world.

Able to leap from earthy growls to winged sighs in a single bound, Jennie’s voice traffics in goose bumps. She plays a repertoire of instruments: acoustic guitar, conga drums, the snake-like kokirikko, and of course, Stephen’s signature clay drums. Stephen makes his drums by hand in his studio in Hagerstown, Maryland. Ubangs, doumbeks, guntas and shakers grace his line of instruments that are as visually stunning as they are sonically intriguing. The audience response to the deep belly gulp of his renowned udu drum, that he has named the Ubang, is a wide-eyed WOW!

If lyrics were peaches, Jennie’s songs would be the pie. Her sweet voice has a succulent emotional range that bites into romance, history and humor. She inspires in her fans a savory devotion that Aca-Perco serves in generous portion. As one such fan proclaimed, “Your music is part of the sound track of our lives!”

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